Why Sail?

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Sunny DazeWhy not?  Sailing isn’t for everyone, that’s for sure.  If it were, land would be cheap and harbor fees impossible.  I am, in a sense, acting rather insensibly by glorifying it and possibly ruining it for the ‘rest of us’ in the process.  But for many of us in this watery place, life would seem hollow lived any other way.

I’ve been thinking about what to say here for over a week now, but nothing I come up with seems worthy.  Three shots of rum in, at least tonight I know where to begin:

Sailing, or more accurately, living aboard a boat has been the best lifestyle choice I ever made.  It’s meant rowing out on many a moonlit night to bob about with a colony of sea otters at the harbor mouth before turning-in for the night.  It’s meant everyday looking out the back door and watching sea lions sunning themselves.  It’s meant aggressively chasing said sea lions off my dock before they inevitably had explosive diarrhea all over everything within a 10 foot radius, or assaulted my neighbor in a territorial rage.  It’s been a communion with nature, if you will.

As for long-distance sailing itself, perhaps it’s the call of the blue, the masochistic desire to be tested, the dream of unfettered freedom, the pride of self-sufficiency…

When I think back on my last 1 1/2 years on land, through that substantial length of time I find perhaps just a handful of notable memories that I may remember a few years down the line.  The rest of that time is but a blur.  When I’m living on water I generate at least that many moments each week.  For some it may be different, but for me and many others life is found while living and exploring on a boat.

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