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T-Minus 5 days to Tahiti – Poetry in Motion

by Dane March 12, 2012
T-minus 5 days

Life is evermore a blur of lists, appointments and shopping trips, viewed through the bug-splattered windshield of a truck full of cardboard boxes and furniture… Jessi’s apartment is almost bare and “D-day” is becoming an increasingly fitting moniker for “Departure Day.” Last night we slept on the floor in a nest of blankets, Jess having given her bed away; tonight we move out of her apartment altogether. Then it’s back to the Bay with me, for the final round. I got a bit of work last week which puts a few more strands in the safety net but distracts from […]

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T-Minus 17 Days

by Dane February 29, 2012
Raiatea Carenage

Bit by bit the pieces are falling into place. Jessi had a garage sale, successfully purging a good amount of stuff including her dresser, couch and dining table. She’s officially living out of a suitcase now, and folding canvas chairs in the living room make breakfast vaguely reminiscent of camping. It’s good to ease into things, I suppose. I’ve begun my own purging through Craigslist and with some luck we might have an extra $700 or so after unloading a couple of kayaks, guitar amps, miscellany… May sell the truck too, but that’s still up in the air. I’ll be […]

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Jessi’s Premiere Post

by Jessi February 21, 2012
Jessi in the Bahamas

Hey y’all, it’s me, Jessi, the less nautically-experienced half of the …(drumroll, please)… “2012 Cadence of the Sea Polynesian Cruise” crew! (Yeah, I just made that up.) Oh sure, I’ve been around boats since I was born, but they were powerboats and someone else was usually driving. Or is it steering? See, I don’t even know the right term. To me, “port” is the word for a delicious beverage, the “head” is the thing on top of my neck, and “stern” is the type of look I will be giving Dane if he tries to make me cook in heavy […]

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A Forsaken Yacht – Preparations for Polynesia

by Dane February 19, 2012
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It’s hard to believe it’s been 1 ½ years since I abandoned my boat to the ravages of the elements and time in the boatyard at Raiatea. Though I’d hoped to be back in less than eight months, finances and injury have delayed me nearly an extra year. I’ve endured this absence with no small amount of anxiety and trepidation, but have consoled myself in the fact that there’s little to nothing I can do for the boat from afar. At first it was, “out of sight, out of mind…” but as time passed little doubts and worries have crept […]

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A desperate flight from Jacket-land

by Dane May 30, 2010
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We departed from the Morro Bay fuel dock at 3:30pm, with a long road ahead of us. John was patiently chomping at the bit and ready to go, and I had finally completed my mental checklist of “must-do’s” and was easing into the idea that we were finally, finally leaving on this adventure that had been so long in the making. The forecast called for 11′ seas and 20 knots, diminishing over the next few days. There was another swirly low-pressure system off the coast of Canada headed our way and we knew it was now or never; with a […]

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