Alas, Cadence is for Sale

by Dane October 15, 2017

Yes, it’s true. We’re putting our beloved good ol’ Cadence up for sale. The time is sort of right. It’s been a great run and there are a million more places to explore, but it feels like it’s time to focus our energies on land for a while. Job opportunities on land and a desire to have a down-payment for a home mean we’re dropping the price to just 15k.  Hopefully she’ll find a deserving home.  Don’t hesitate to email us with any questions at cadenceseamail@gmail.com Cadence is a Sparkman and Stevens design built by Grampian. There were only 30 […]

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First Sail!

by Jessi March 9, 2015

Yes, we’re still in American Samoa. No, I don’t want to talk about it. What I do want to talk about: Dane’s first sail in a year! Doesn’t he look spiffy? He spent a while finding all the parts and reconditioning the boom, but our dinghy sails just fine when there’s a breeze and there was a good one yesterday morning, off and on. Now that we’ve got a little time to ourselves as we wait for some cyclones to get out of our way to Tonga, we’re going to enjoy our time here more. We’re intending on spending the […]

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So Close!

by Jessi September 9, 2013

Having been looking at the weather for the past week and seeing the increasing amount of red (instead of safe and calming blues) I’m not gonna lie, I’ve been nervous. I’m not even going to fake knowledge of the meteorological facts or reasoning, but there was some heavy winds and 9 foot seas heading their way from the west. Dutifully, I’ve been texting him the weather updates, using textspeak I never thought I’d use, and Dane’s been telling me about birds hitting the wind generator, making moonshine and the boredom of long sails. The heavier weather is just hitting them […]

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Where are they now?

by Jessi September 4, 2013

Dane and Ryan have headed out to sea and left this inmate in charge.  Muahaha!  They’re going to get back to a dozen posts of puppy videos.  But first, this one.  The idea was/is to head west to an ultimate destination of Fiji. In between, though, there are more islands and adventures to be had.  They spiffed up the boat and are now in uninhabited Mopelia waiting out a “no-wind situation.”  And doing yoga on the beach, if you can believe it.  Mopelia is still in French Polynesia, but pretty much the last one before the door hits you on […]

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Yacht Jumping

by Dane July 6, 2012

The first wave rose suddenly, seemingly out of nowhere. “Dane, are you sure this is okay?” Jessi queried, a smothered concern in her tone. “Yeah, it’ll be fine,” I answered. “But you’d better let me take the wheel.” It was a stock answer. Having been through the pass many times, I felt overly comfortable. But by the time I’d said “fine,” it was already clear that my estimation of the tide stage was flawed. Horribly flawed. The ebb tide created a disturbingly large launch ramp of water and we rapidly bearing down upon it. Cadence, our trusty fiberglass 1965 Grampian […]

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