Six Days To the Tuamotus…

by Dane October 10, 2010
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We sailed from Tahuata on a lovely beam wind, the evening fast falling around. As I sat there enjoying my passage-christening cup of wine I imagined how Cadence might look from the island behind us, as she sailed off into the sunset, growing smaller and smaller, until her sails merged with the falling star, and in a final flash of orange she disappeared. The extra 200 miles we had to cover didn’t seem bad at all. In fact, I was secretly looking forward to the extra days. Secretly, because we had cut it too close. John’s departure date was looming, […]

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The Magnificent Marquesas

by Dane July 22, 2010
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Hey y’all, apologies for infrequent updates. Been in Rangiroa for 5 weeks now, in the Tuamotus, the next island chain down. The internet is spotty and rarely lets me on to blog, and really doesn’t like picture uploading (update, added pics, hooray!).  Sailing to Tahiti tomorrow and plan to write and add some pictures with the presumably good internet there. And I’ll explain why we’ve been here 5 weeks. In the meantime, here’s an old post the internet wouldn’t let me publish: Since I arrived here in French Poly seven weeks ago, life has been a blur of blue days, […]

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Arrival in the Marquesas

by Dane June 20, 2010
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As the days rolled into weeks, time became a blur. We quickly lost track of what day of the week it was. We were a long way from home, but our arrival seemed theoretical, like it would never actually happen. John finally shook his nasty cough, which I neglected to mention, sounded horrible. If it weren’t for his stoic nonchalance about it, I would have started writing a eulogy and considering what to tell his parents after his makeshift burial at sea. “Sorry, the the freezer simply isn’t big enough… But I saved his head…” Though he sounded like he […]

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