Pacific Puddle Jump

Crazy Blue World

by Dane January 25, 2013
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Recently I pulled out my old log book from when Gybin’ John and I made our 2010 crossing from California to Tahiti. In it were the coordinates for the boat position at noon for the 24 days we were at sea. John had recently texted me, “We sailed Hella far…,” and it set me to reminiscing. Though I’d entered the waypoints into two GPS’s, I wanted to see them on the big screen, or Google Earth, as it were. Perhaps it would lend me some perspective. It did. It does look like we sailed pretty far. I was weaned on […]

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A Week in Raiatea; Cadence Reemerges from the Ooze

by Dane March 26, 2012

(Note: Pictures at the bottom!) After 24 hours of travel and having checked my eyelids extensively for cracks on three planes and in the lobbies of two airports, I touched-down in Raiatea. Being a Sunday, the boatyard was closed, but the cab driver kindly helped me lug my 115 lbs of crap over the fence. Spying Cadence behind another gate I hopped it too, and entered into a reverie of rediscovery. Everything was distantly and instinctively familiar and I still found I maneuvered around deck like a cat, knowing the placement of every handhold and obstacle like I was on […]

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Arrival in the Marquesas

by Dane June 20, 2010
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As the days rolled into weeks, time became a blur. We quickly lost track of what day of the week it was. We were a long way from home, but our arrival seemed theoretical, like it would never actually happen. John finally shook his nasty cough, which I neglected to mention, sounded horrible. If it weren’t for his stoic nonchalance about it, I would have started writing a eulogy and considering what to tell his parents after his makeshift burial at sea. “Sorry, the the freezer simply isn’t big enough… But I saved his head…” Though he sounded like he […]

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A desperate flight from Jacket-land

by Dane May 30, 2010
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We departed from the Morro Bay fuel dock at 3:30pm, with a long road ahead of us. John was patiently chomping at the bit and ready to go, and I had finally completed my mental checklist of “must-do’s” and was easing into the idea that we were finally, finally leaving on this adventure that had been so long in the making. The forecast called for 11′ seas and 20 knots, diminishing over the next few days. There was another swirly low-pressure system off the coast of Canada headed our way and we knew it was now or never; with a […]

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Last Night On Land for a Bit

by Dane April 22, 2010

Mmmmm. Hamburger and fries. Might be a while. The quiet little town of Morro Bay is eerily calm, but through the cold night air we hear the roar of surf more than a mile off, bashing itself against the iconic 600′ Morro Rock. For the last two days it blew 30 to 45 knots almost incessantly, and the seas went from nada to 20 feet, closely spaced, in no time. A neighbor here at the yacht club dock left his dinghy on the dock and went to town. The ~60 pound little boat blew right off the dock and went […]

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