Haul-out 2005


Gravelle's Boatyard Panorama

Gravelle's Boatyard Panorama

In 2005 I hauled Cadence out of the water for the first time.  I was ready for anything, and found a little bit of almost everything.  With a veritable platoon of people helping out intermittently, Cadence was back in the water after 6 long boatyard weeks.  Boatyard weeks, for the uninitiated, are long, long weeks.  And expensive ones, as well.  The main projects for this haul out were:

  • Eradicating every single fiberglass blister found (sometimes fiberglass gets little bubbles in it due to a reaction between seawater and uncured fiberglass resin. Fortunately they were shallow, all in the first layer of glass and were more cosmetic and annoying than concerning.)
  • Refilling and fairing each blister cavity
  • Sanding the bottom to remove accumulated bottom paint
  • Drying the hull and applying an epoxy waterproof barrier coat
  • Repairing some fiberglass damage to the rudder from a light grounding years ago. (It was just a chip and a hairline crack, but water intrusion in that area had gradually deteriorated the fiberglass, and I ground all the bad glass out to rebuild the section.
  • Epoxy fairing around the lead keel
  • Removing the mast
  • Installation of mast VHF antenna, lights, etc.
  • Through-hull inspection, maintenance, and installation
  • More motor tinkering to get the alignment right
  • Clean white coats of Ameron 235 paint on the topsides
  • Raising of the waterline
  • Bottom painting

That’s the short of it.  Hopefully that lends some perspective to the pictures below.  Hover the mouse over a picture for more information.  And a very special thanks to Boz, Gary (My Dad), Steve, Doug and Disun for all of their generous help during the haulout.


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