1st Motor Install


When I bought Cadence she was motorless.  The old Atomic 4 engine had expired some years back after being flooded when the boat’s bilge, in which the motor is located, filled with water during an extended absence of the previous owners.  They purchased a newly ‘rebuilt’ motor, which they sold me in addition to the boat, but it was not yet installed.  I put the word ‘rebuilt’ in quotes because it was obvious early on from the shoddy workmanship and from later issues with oil consumption, water pump bearings, etc, that the motor was likely disassembled, reassembled and painted with little actual real reconditioning having been done.  Ultimately I gave it a more thorough working-over which fixed the problems I’d been having.  But I digress.  Here’s a few photos from when Halachee Steve and I first lowered the motor into the pit.  Although it hypothetically should have been a drop-in replacement, it ended up requiring significant reworking of the plumbing and engine beds to get the alignment right, and the motor had been in and out twice before I got it adjusted properly.  Disclaimer: Though I find beer to be a great lubricant for many boat projects and thoroughly condone it’s therapeutic application in a variety of circumstances, please don’t get squashed or sink your boat while drunkenly shifting 400 lbs or more of cast iron.

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