Project Files


I bought Cadence in late December of 2004, and after a thorough makeover which included rebuilding just about every system in her, she was finally ready for service in 2008 (Though being a boat, of course, she will never actually be finished).  A basic outline of the sub-projects the rebuild involved includes:

(Click hyperlinks below for more information and pictures of some of the projects, or follow the drop-down links under the “Project Files” tab above.)

Electrical rewiring and upgrading
Interior cleaning and repainting
Plumbing redesign and replacement
Bottom job: Paint, blister removal and barrier coat
Motor installation
New standing and running rigging
Repair and Weatherproofing of Hatches
Wood reconditioning and brightwork
New mainsail and repair of older sails
Bow water tank installation
Toilet replacement and plumbing redesign
Fuel tank removal, cleaning and repair
Hard-top pseudo-dodger construction
Solar panel and wind generator installation
Interior and exterior canvas (lee cloths, spray skirts, etc)
Motor rebuild


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