Spelng iz hard

by Jessi on September 15, 2013

Dane and Boz made it into Suwarrow (pronounced “Suvarov” because the Cyrillic alphabet is crazy) on Wednesday, September 11th.  They would have made it on the 10th, but they were coming in at night and the sea may not have dangerous, but Dane, in his understated way, said it was “rolly.”  So they hove to about 20 miles offshore to wait for light.  At 3:02pm PST, I received the following text from the sat phone: SAFE AND SOUND IN SUV!RANGR GREETED US BY SMASHING INTO NEW WOODWORK.AND SPRAYING MY BED WITH POISON.WELCOME TO SUVAROV! 
After that smashing start, it sounds like they’re having a great time with the folks there.  The weather is better now, with the tradewinds becoming more consistent and waves only about 2 meters high, so they’re getting ready to take the next leap to American Samoa!  They should be leaving Monday morning for another 1-2 week passage, I think.  American Samoa has been somewhere Dane’s been wanting to check out for a while.  Can’t wait to hear what they think of it and its stinky tuna!

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