Where are they now?

by Jessi on September 4, 2013 · 1 comment

Dane and Ryan have headed out to sea and left this inmate in charge.  Muahaha!  They’re going to get back to a dozen posts of puppy videos.  But first, this one.  The idea was/is to head west to an ultimate destination of Fiji. In between, though, there are more islands and adventures to be had.  They spiffed up the boat and are now in uninhabited Mopelia waiting out a “no-wind situation.”  And doing yoga on the beach, if you can believe it.  Mopelia is still in French Polynesia, but pretty much the last one before the door hits you on the way out.  It’s supposed to be lovely and pristine since it’s kinda a pain to get to.  Sounds like there’s a great group of cruisers there, so the boys are having fun.

Are you wondering how I know all this? No, I’m not there, and I haven’t developed psychic powers yet.  The answer comes thanks to some great friends of ours.  Eric and Rachelle Ericson have very graciously let the travelers borrow their satellite phone and you know what you can do with this phone?  Well, phone calls of course, but you know what else?  Text.  Pretty sweet, right?  Dane and I have developed a weather notification system which has worked pretty well so far.  He’ll also be texting back coordinates so that we can know exactly where they are when they start on the 2 week or so sail to American Samoa.  Thanks so much Eric & Rachelle for giving me some peace of mind while those guys are taking their trip.   Not that I still won’t be biting my nails in between hearing from them.  But it would be so much worse if without that safety net.  We owe you a bunch, guys!

Here is Mopelia, for you folks who need a visual:

I’ll be keeping y’all posted on their travel tidbits as they move along.  Think happy wind thoughts for them!


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Captain Buck and XO Boz (who’s the bosun?)
Fair winds mates.


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