August 2013

Leaving Polynesia

by Dane August 29, 2013

Boz loved Bora Bora. I did too. More than last time, during which Jessi and I agreed it was just so-so. But there’s something about it that was much more appealing this time. Maybe it was the mountain, maybe the hiking, or the people, or some combination thereof. Granted, we spent a boat-load of money we probably shouldn’t have, buying one $18 cheeseburger (!?!?!) per day to “pay our rent” on the MaiKai Marina moorings. (Note, eating just one meal per mooring day is not their official policy, but moorings are $10/day after the first day or $50/week). But it’s […]

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Rangiroa Redeuxdeux

by Dane August 29, 2013

The last month has been a hectic whir of life experiences and boatwork. I am writing from the boatyard in Raiatea (yes, back at the boatyard, but not in it) where we’ve been tied to the dock for almost two weeks, repairing the windvane autopilot and sanding, scraping, Cetol-ing the wood. This evening we depart, bound westward toward Suwarrow and American Samoa, approximately 700 and 1150 nautical miles distant, respectively. But I’m getting ahead of myself… Rangiroa was magnificent, as always. Within minutes of stepping ashore on a random stretch of the main road, our friends Mamia and Evotia drove […]

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Close Reach to Rangiroa

by Dane August 3, 2013

Ahh… floating at last. Always a good feeling. With Cadence back in the water, we set about our final recommissioning tasks. After a few days in the slip and one on the quay in Uturoa, we motored out Raiatea’s Teavapiti pass, bound 250 miles for Rangiroa. The forecast called for one day of relative calm, followed by an increasing SE wind, a sufficient direction for our ENE passage. We motored through the evening and early hours, first heading East rather than ENE, in anticipation of the winds to come. Eventually they did. A few hours of cozy sailing on a […]

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Cadence Sails Again!

by Dane August 2, 2013

One train, one bus and two planes later, vwallah! On the morning of June 5th I was standing there amidst a mix of rust scale, red ants, bottom paint and coral debris, assessing the damage of the year’s neglect at the Raiatea Carenage. Up a rickety ladder and on deck, Cadence actually didn’t seem that worse for wear. The cockpit floor was coated in a soft bed of black moss and some idiot apparently chiseled away bits of the hatch boards in a lame, fruitless attempt to break in. The woodwork finish was toast. In general, however, she didn’t look […]

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