February 2013

Raiatea Redux

by Jessi February 20, 2013

There we were, back in Raiatea with our mutual tail between our legs. We said our sheepish hellos to the people still around, like the raucous boatyard workers, and the liveaboards like Lygee, Bernard, and of course, the ever-crotchety Helmut. Yes, yes, we’re back. Rudder’ broken, haha, no we can’t stay away, and all that. We were hauled out the next day in the drizzly rain. This time they didn’t let me stay on the boat while it was being lowered onto the stilts that will hold it up for the next unknown amount of months. They’ve put us, not […]

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by Dane February 14, 2013

Most of our time in French Polynesia was upwind, literally and figuratively. The wind was always on our nose, and if it wasn’t the wind it was the myriad of catch-up projects and breakdowns, the three full days spent in Tahiti trying to get permission to leave, a further 9 days in Rangi and Raiatea doing the same, or the expensive, ill-fated attempt at putting minutes on a borrowed sat-phone. I am not complaining. It was awesome. I don’t subscribe to the notion that “things happen for a reason,” but when we turned around to limp back to the boatyard, […]

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