January 2013

Rangiroa Redux

by Jessi January 27, 2013

Rangiroa carried some emotional weight with us, since Dane had been here 2 years prior and had some really formative experiences with his brother and the local rowdy gang of hard-partying dudes (and some babes). I saw the pictures and heard his stories, and I was aware that there were some big flip-flops to fill on this isolated atoll. But before we could even cross the bridge of reacquainting with the infamous Benoit and his merry band of fishermen, we had to deal with the gendarme, the local cops, who would hopefully be able to give us an extension on […]

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Crazy Blue World

by Dane January 25, 2013
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Recently I pulled out my old log book from when Gybin’ John and I made our 2010 crossing from California to Tahiti. In it were the coordinates for the boat position at noon for the 24 days we were at sea. John had recently texted me, “We sailed Hella far…,” and it set me to reminiscing. Though I’d entered the waypoints into two GPS’s, I wanted to see them on the big screen, or Google Earth, as it were. Perhaps it would lend me some perspective. It did. It does look like we sailed pretty far. I was weaned on […]

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Beauty and the Briny Gimp

by Dane January 16, 2013
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“Livin’ the dream,” I laughed to myself. I sat there smiling in the dark, cold and exhausted, as another wave slapped the cabin and baptized me in a shower of tropical spray. Ah, the pickled taste of paradise. Wiping the stinging salt from my windward eye, I turned my attention to the task at hand. We were ostensibly on our way to Hawaii. We’d checked out on the last day of our visas, finished our shopping and set out from Tahiti with several weeks worth of cans in the lockers, and fresh fruit and vegetables swinging from the ceiling in […]

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