July 2012


by Jessi July 18, 2012

Editor’s Note:  So, yeah, we’re in the U.S.!  We’re slowly adjusting to real life and gorging on stuff we’d missed, like Mexican food, Uncle Harry’s bagels and cheap margaritas.  Now that we’ve got some time (though, Jesus, who thought being unemployed would be so freaking busy?), we’re filling in the gaps in our blog timeline.  Join me, as we travel back to the golden age between my bike fiasco in Huahine and the madness in Tahiti.  Sunny and fruit-laden Moorea calls to you… (cue slow dissolve and harp sounds).  Pufferfish peek out from under the boat as I toss food […]

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Yacht Jumping

by Dane July 6, 2012

The first wave rose suddenly, seemingly out of nowhere. “Dane, are you sure this is okay?” Jessi queried, a smothered concern in her tone. “Yeah, it’ll be fine,” I answered. “But you’d better let me take the wheel.” It was a stock answer. Having been through the pass many times, I felt overly comfortable. But by the time I’d said “fine,” it was already clear that my estimation of the tide stage was flawed. Horribly flawed. The ebb tide created a disturbingly large launch ramp of water and we rapidly bearing down upon it. Cadence, our trusty fiberglass 1965 Grampian […]

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