June 2012


by Dane June 28, 2012

Just kidding!  But I got your attention, didn’t I?  It’s the last time I’ll cry wolf, I promise.  But strange things are afoot and our plans have taken a rather unexpected turn.  Here is a letter which I sent my parents: Well, we’re in a bit of a pickle, it seems.  Here we are in Rangiroa after a pretty varied, squally, wild ride.  The rudder’s got too much play in it and on certain points of sail it makes a loud thunking sound with regularity.  Loud enough that sleeping is impossible for me when it’s happening.  I don’t think it’s […]

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Tahiti Update

by Jessi June 16, 2012

Well, we’re still in Tahiti, waiting on a bunch of stuff that we would love to rant to you about. But that might need to wait for a better time. We haven’t had much time for pictures or sightseeing lately, since we’ve rushing to get the boat ready for departure to Hawaii. We’ve been going to the huge Carrefour supermarket down the street almost every day to stock up for the trip. It’s blowing my mind, all this food. We haven’t even gotten to the fresh fruits and veggies yet. We’re stocked up with water, we’ve checked the abandon ship […]

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“You’re my boy, Blue!” (An update from the isle of Tahiti.)

by Dane June 13, 2012

Jessi survived her bike-induced cramps and we weighed anchor on a fine afternoon, bound for Moorea. It was her longest passage yet, a full 80 miles, but she handled it like she’d been born at sea. The wind gods were kind. The wind blew from the North-East rather than the East or South-East which prevails in the region. We sheeted the sails in tight and beat a course to Moorea in one single tack. Slipping into Opunohu Bay, we dropped our genoa and started the motor to maneuver into the windward anchorage. At the moment we reached the exact spot […]

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Tour de Cramps

by Jessi June 8, 2012

It wasn’t a steep incline, just a slow and steady rise of maybe a few meters. But as I sat there on my rental bike, looking at the eucalyptus-like trees lining the shady road, I hit a wall just as surely as if I had been on the other side of that hill and flying over the guardrail. I had seen many beautiful things that day, including ancient stone fish traps, palm-lined beaches, lush jungles and giant blue-eyed eels, but if I saw one more goddamn hill, I was going to throw Dane over it. I really wanted to love […]

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Big Fish

by Dane June 6, 2012

Coming this Friday will be our next update post, Huahine to Moorea (where I’m writing at the moment), but I thought it’d be fun to do a photo essay post – a slice of life from afloat. One day while we were perched on a mooring at the Mai Kai in Bora Bora, a fisherman returned with his catch of the day. Quite a spectacle ensued at the fuel dock while he and a couple of pals dragged the fish on board and secured it: (click on any picture for a larger image)

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