May 2012

Bongo Bongo Part Deux

by Dane May 29, 2012

With the mainsail raised we slipped the mooring line, raised the genoa and ghosted west, skirting along inside the reef and out pass Paipai, leaving Taha’a in our wake. Taha’a to Bora was our first “offshore” passage in Cadence since her haul-out nearly two years ago. I was eagerly hoping I’d fixed the “mystery” leak in the yard, and Jessi was eagerly hoping to not get seasick. Neither of us got quite what we wished for, but due to my drainage modifications the leak no longer drained over the floor, but rather, under it. Meanwhile, the barf meds Jessi took […]

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Captain’s Blog

by Jessi May 23, 2012

Recently, I had a friend from home ask me in an e-mail “No offense, but what do you to all day?” An excellent question, and no offense was taken. Sometimes, sitting down with some Dou-Dou before dinner, I myself wonder what it is I do all day, if anything. I was trying to work it out with Dane and he had the great idea of doing a real-time log of one day; a completely average “day-in-the-life” of cruising Jessi. I figure that a lot of our friends and family would like a little peek into what actually goes on, as […]

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A Change of Tack

by Dane May 7, 2012

Two nights ago, as we hauled at the sodden, slime and critter encrusted mooring line off the Hotel Hibiscus, I cursed and grumbled under my breath.  Within the sticky mess that would hopefully be our safety line for the night, neither Jess nor I could discern the shape of an eye to tie our line through.  Hoping to inspect it closer, we idled the boat ahead and I tugged with all of my might for a better look.  With a “pop” the end of the boat pole snapped off, and the remainder smacked me in the chest, sending me reeling […]

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