April 2012

Bongo Bongo

by Jessi April 28, 2012
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“Wow, this one is a beauty.” “I know! Big and curvy in all the right places.” “You could fit so much in her!” “I think we could really get some good use out of this one.” “But, so expensive. Can we really afford the expense?” “I dunno. She might pay off in the long run, but it’s a big splurge.” Thus was the conversation that I never imagined I would be a serious participant in. Dane and I were standing in a cramped aisle in the Chin Lee Supermarket in Vaitape on the island of Bora Bora. The big city, […]

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Time Traveling in Taha’a

by Jessi April 18, 2012
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I feel like I’m in a Bermuda Triangle of lost time. Days are simultaneously dauntingly long and much too short, especially, when at the end of a day, I think, “What exactly got done today?” (the frequent answer is “surprisingly little”). I know by my journaling that I’ve been keeping up with while here, that I’m at Day 27 of my trip. Dane’s on day 30! But those are really intangible numbers to me. I feel both like I’ve been here forever and not long enough. In the boatyard, every day was pretty much the same, Dane and I falling […]

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by Jessi April 12, 2012
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We’re finally in the water and it’s truly amazing. The blues are bluer, the whites are whiter and life just seems a bit mo’ brighter, figuratively, anyway. It’s actually rather windy out here, as the near-constant whine of the wind generator attests to. At least it’s cool, and we’re not broiling in the humidity ashore. A recap on our adventures since last you heard from us: Friday, April 6th was my birthday. The day started out inauspiciously when I stumbled upon a cockroach Gettysburg during my morning bathroom sojourn. The previous night, on the evening bathroom expedition, Dane decided he […]

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The Good, The Bad and the Sweaty

by Jessi April 6, 2012
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Editor’s note: Surprise! We’re still in the boatyard. I know we said Friday was water re-entry day, but we live on a small island now and they take their holidays seriously. To whit: the Carenage (the boatyard) is closed on Friday and Monday for Easter, meaning we needed to be ready to go in Thursday morning (today). There’s plenty of reasons why we decided to stay, chief among them the easy access to power for projects Dane has to do, and to keep cold drinks and fish for my birthday fete tomorrow. So the new projected splashdown date is next […]

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The Home Stretch

by Dane April 3, 2012

Still high and dry, 1 day past our previous estimate. She’s coming along nicely, though. The main cabin has been bleached and vacuumed extensively, and the standing water in the difficult to reach forward bilges has finally been sucked out. The boat now feels clean and dry inside, and with our mosquito netting up, safe from those dastardly little ankle-biters which plagued our first days of boatyard life. As for the projects, they have largely been divided into “pink” and “blue” categories of late. While Jessi has been purging and cleaning cabinets, doing an extensive boat-food inventory and whipping up […]

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