March 2012

A Week in Raiatea; Cadence Reemerges from the Ooze

by Dane March 26, 2012

(Note: Pictures at the bottom!) After 24 hours of travel and having checked my eyelids extensively for cracks on three planes and in the lobbies of two airports, I touched-down in Raiatea. Being a Sunday, the boatyard was closed, but the cab driver kindly helped me lug my 115 lbs of crap over the fence. Spying Cadence behind another gate I hopped it too, and entered into a reverie of rediscovery. Everything was distantly and instinctively familiar and I still found I maneuvered around deck like a cat, knowing the placement of every handhold and obstacle like I was on […]

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T-Minus 5 days to Tahiti – Poetry in Motion

by Dane March 12, 2012
T-minus 5 days

Life is evermore a blur of lists, appointments and shopping trips, viewed through the bug-splattered windshield of a truck full of cardboard boxes and furniture… Jessi’s apartment is almost bare and “D-day” is becoming an increasingly fitting moniker for “Departure Day.” Last night we slept on the floor in a nest of blankets, Jess having given her bed away; tonight we move out of her apartment altogether. Then it’s back to the Bay with me, for the final round. I got a bit of work last week which puts a few more strands in the safety net but distracts from […]

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