June 2008

From the anchorage at Redondo Beach:

by Dane June 28, 2008

My thanks to all ye faithful who check my blog regularly, I owe you an update at least, if not a full, proper short story. So much has happened, and I’m having major trouble keeping up. Here’s a brief synopsis, however, with specific stories following in the next posts. I have indeed been writing in shorts and t-shirts, as hoped. I have a suntan, which is novel. I partied in Avila Beach and San Luis Obispo with an awesome croud I met at the yacht club, learned to surf, sailed around Point Conception to Santa Barbara by my lonesome, hung […]

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Southward to Avila Beach

by Dane June 13, 2008

The sailcover was off, headsail hanked onto the forestay, safety jacklines in place and the motor purring as Mark slipped the last line from the mooring. One of the best things about staying in a place long as I had is all the great people you meet. I was fortunate to have met Mark, a 26 year-old structural engineer/student and avid surfer, who volunteered to come along on the passage to Santa Barbara and see what sailing’s all about. The forecast called for 7-11 foot seas and 20-30kts of wind – not quite ideal, but nothing the boat couldn’t handle […]

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One Dark Night in Morro Bay

by Dane June 12, 2008

It was 11pm on a cold, dark Morro Bay night and I was bundled in my bed reading when a knock came at the side of the boat. “Come aboard,” I said, and moments later the boat lurched as Eric the Red hauled his 230 pound frame over the gunnels and onto the deck. As he came down the steps, I saw he had in his hand a brand new bottle of Rumple-Minz peppermint schnapps, a drink which had been an accomplice in many of his stories of wilder, younger years. In short, when Eric drinks Rumple-Minz, crazy things happen. […]

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28 Days Later…

by Dane June 3, 2008

I’ve been here nearly a month now, and Cadence is growing a beard of seagrass on her waterline. There’s something magnetic about these sleepy little towns on the coast that sucks you in day by day and every time you think you’re ready to leave, something or someone happens and gives you a reason to stay. Morro Bay has been great to me, but at long last, I think it’s time to move along. The weather was perfect for sailing the last few days and I’d hoped to leave, but it took too long to get the boat ready and […]

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