April 2008

Oh lord, stuck in Moss-World again…

by Dane April 23, 2008

After a beautifully sunny and warm, albeit fumey ride down the coast mostly under motor, we arrived in Santa Cruz just after sundown. Even a town one knows well holds a new fascination when approached by sea, as if seeing it through new eyes. After a rough beach landing in the dinghy in which Boz kindly took the proverbial bullet for me by blocking a wave with his backside, we hung out under the wharf, drinking beer in the shadows with Halachee Steve and his friend Dave, and guarding the dinghy like true scofflaws. A couple of college girls came […]

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At long last, we shake the cobwebs off the docklines

by Dane April 10, 2008

As I sit here in the creaky brown leather reading chair in my parent’s living room, I contemplate the new concept that we are actually leaving, after many false starts, unwelcome setbacks and lots of good old-fashioned lagging. After more than 10 years of dreaming and scheming, the last 3 of that spent rebuilding and outfitting the boat, tomorrow marks the beginning of a new chapter for me, and hence, a blog. Early in the morning my brother Boz and I will awake, shower, shave and catch a ride with our dad to Pillar Point Harbor where Cadence II, my […]

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